Original Content Series: Harold Macmillan - Eminent Churchillian

Here's the latest article in our "Original Content Series", David Semple's Harold Macmillan: Eminent Churchillian.
Harold Macmillan was the last British prime minister born during the Victorian era and the first to realize that Britain was no longer a great power. The past is indeed a foreign country...

Manchester Conservatives Chinese New Year Banquet

The Conservative Friends of the Chinese (CFOC), in conjunction with the City of Manchester Conservative Federation, organised a Chinese New Year Banquet in Manchester City Centre (Tai Pan Restaurant) on 08 February. 

An Important Message from Didsbury Conservatives

On May 2, only your vote for the Conservative Party candidate, Damian Flanagan, can finally break through the complacency of Labour’s near ONE PARTY STATE in Manchester Town Hall. It is vital to come out and vote to end Labour’s strangehold on our beloved city.

An Important Message from Didsbury Conservatives

Dear Voter,
You could be forgiven for wondering what is the point of voting in local elections? After all, Manchester is the least politically diverse council in the country, with an overwhelming 94 of its 96 councillors from the Labour Party, a state of affairs of which old Soviet Republics would be proud.

Je Ne Regrette Rien: The Fall Of Sir Anthony Eden

Welcome to the latest 'Original Content Series', here's David Semple's fantastic write-up on Sir Anthony Eden. Sir Anthony Eden was the first British prime minister to confront the stark limitations of British power after the end of the Second World War, during the new postwar era of Pax Americana which accompanied the twilight years of the British Empire. He was also the last British prime minister to act independently of the United States on the world stage. During the early years of the Eisenhower presidency and the last years of the second administration of Winston Churchill, British and American interests in the Middle East conflicted.

May 1940: Winston Churchill Saves England

We are delighted to publish another article in our 'Original Content Series'; we bring to you a piece by David Semple on Winston Churchill. For the full article, and many other exclusives, click on our 'Viewpoint' tab.

May 1940 was the turning point in the history of modern Europe. Western Europe was conquered by the primitive and violent regime of Adolf Hitler as Germany tried to take on all the nations of Europe and destroy the legacy of the Enlightenment completely and for all time. Europe has never recovered from the New Order of Nazi Germany...

The Atlantic Charter

As part of our 'Original Content Series', we are delighted to publish a historical piece by David Semple. Here is a sneak preview. For the full article, and many other exclusive articles, click on our 'Viewpoint' tab.

For The Many, Not The Few?

In June 2010 Sir Richard Leese stated that Manchester was the third most deprived urban area in the UK. This is despite the fact that Labour have controlled Manchester City Council since it was formed on 10th May 1973 and we had 13 years of Labour Government in Westminster. This was hardly a statement of achievement for the Labour Party. The City has seen many £millions in investment, but still the wealth of the City is only benefitting the few.