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An Important Message from Didsbury Conservatives

On May 2, only your vote for the Conservative Party candidate, Damian Flanagan, can finally break through the complacency of Labour’s near ONE PARTY STATE in Manchester Town Hall. It is vital to come out and vote to end Labour’s strangehold on our beloved city.

An Important Message from Didsbury Conservatives

Dear Voter,
You could be forgiven for wondering what is the point of voting in local elections? After all, Manchester is the least politically diverse council in the country, with an overwhelming 94 of its 96 councillors from the Labour Party, a state of affairs of which old Soviet Republics would be proud.

For The Many, Not The Few?

In June 2010 Sir Richard Leese stated that Manchester was the third most deprived urban area in the UK. This is despite the fact that Labour have controlled Manchester City Council since it was formed on 10th May 1973 and we had 13 years of Labour Government in Westminster. This was hardly a statement of achievement for the Labour Party. The City has seen many £millions in investment, but still the wealth of the City is only benefitting the few.

Labour Has Let Manchester Down For Far Too Long. It's Now Time For Change...

Labour-led city council can’t even get basic tasks done such as fixing the potholes in our streets and getting the rubbish bins collected on time. That is why it is time for change in Manchester. Time to bring in a team that will listen to you and oppose the complacency of Labour. Vote Conservative on May 3rd!

Every vote for Labour in Manchester is a vote for Corbyn

The Brexit negotiations will start right after the election - don't risk Jeremy Corbyn in charge of Brexit. Every vote for Labour in Manchester is a vote for Corbyn. Only our candidates, standing with Theresa May, can deliver the best deal for Britain and the best deal for Manchester.

David Semple Fights For A Fairer Rusholme

Times have certainly changed in Rusholme since our last Conservative Councillor, Dame Kathleen Mary Ollerenshaw. In 1978 the Conservative Party had 46 Councillors elected to Manchester City Council. Since then we have seen our numbers dwindle to zero and our city go into decline.

Sean Anstee: We need a bold new Manchester

Cllr Sean Anstee is the Conservative Party candidate for Mayor of Greater Manchester and the Leader of Trafford Council.

Read his latest article on why he is running for Mayor.

Withington Constituency Fundraiser

Join Manchester Conservatives for a Sunday Lunch fundraiser on Sunday 2nd November at the Greenfinch, West Didsbury to support the Withington Constituency. The event will begin at 12.30 for 1pm.We'll be hosting Baroness Susan Williams of Trafford on the afternoon as our guest speaker, and holding a raffle with some excellent prizes!

CF: Evening with Jacqueline Foster, MEP

Manchester CF were delighted to host Jacqueline Foster, Conservative MEP for the North West to discuss issues facing Britain in Europe and a European Referendum.