May 1940: Winston Churchill Saves England

May 1940 was the turning point in the history of modern Europe. Western Europe was conquered by the primitive and violent regime of Adolf Hitler as Germany tried to take on all the nations of Europe and destroy the legacy of the Enlightenment completely and for all time. Europe has never recovered from the New Order of Nazi Germany.

Hitler hated Jews. He hated and feared Judaism. He hated the spiritual hold of the Holy Bible over the Western world. Hitler and his National Socialist ideology represented a truly frightening force which turned the German people away from Judeo-Christian values towards a dark form of primitive paganism.

Winston Churchill entered No 10 Downing Street on May 10th 1940, becoming the only statesman in the West who would stand between victory for Nazi Germany and the survival of Western civilization. He could not achieve victory over Nazi Germany without the Soviet Union, the United States and the British Empire. But he did stop Germany from winning the war, Hitler’s war, and made sure that Britain did not lose that war.

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